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Extended Visual Cryptography Techniques for True RGB Images

Statistics View Google statistics. Abstract Visual cryptography, first introduced by Naor and Shamir, allows a secret black and white image to be encoded and distributed to a set of participants such that certain predefined sets of participants may reconstruct the image without any computation. In , Blundo, De Santis, and Naor introduced a model for grey-level visual cryptography which is a generalization of visual cryptography for general access structures. Grey-level visual cryptography extends this model to include grey-scale images.

Decoding is done by the human visual system. Compared with the schemes proposed in literatures, this scheme has the advantages of perfect contrast, compatibility, low computational complexity and few rounds to realize simply Boolean operations. The design of above scheme is extended to the so-called " general access structure ", a general reconstructed scheme is proposed for the existing visual cryptography schemes.

The scheme has two advantages: First, the scheme reaches the perfect contrast for general access structure. And the auxiliary image selected with black pixels primarily, has stronger confidentiality and security. To make different users with different security levels obtain different information, we introduce the concept of hierarchical participants and present a multilevel -based VCS for general access structure.

Visual Cryptography Projects

In virtue of the third trusted party, any participants can be active or passive required to verify their sharing images by superimposing enough sharing images to recover corresponding secret images. Compared with the scheme proposed in literature, experiments shows our scheme has the better reconstructed image effect.

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