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These companies represent a growing trend of privatization of public schools by large corporations. It is feared that these corporations could grow to a point that public control of education would be lost.

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Education policy would be left in the hands of entrepreneurial think tanks, corporate boards of directors, and lobbyists who are more interested in profit than educating students [Miller and Gerson]. To do otherwise is not only dangerous, it defies common sense.

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What I liked about this refutation: The writer calmly and clearly outlines the true concerns and reasons why people oppose the opinion. He makes sure the reader knows that he is outlining opposing viewpoints because he gives hints like "Supporters of school choice point out that This is a nice way for readers to be aware of what others think.

Also, towards the end of the first paragraph, and throughout the second paragraph, the writer spends time clearly attacking these opposing views. He helps the reader feel like the opposing views might SEEM good on the surface, but they are indeed not good enough. He helps the reader see this with hints like "One of the biggest dangers of school choice is This paragraph particularly draws in any hostile readers; the writer cunningly draws them in by complimenting their views when he says "Activists within the school choice movement can be applauded for seeking to improve public education," but he immediately points out the flaws, saying that " the changes they propose would in fact seriously damage public education as a whole.

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Finally, at the end of the refutation, there is a clear conclusion. For one thing, as Easterbrook notes, these cards would expedite security procedures only for travelers who do not mind volunteering such information to obtain a card.

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Moreover they would not prevent passengers with "clean" backgrounds from bringing weapons or explosives on board, as was the case in the September 11 attacks. Perhaps the biggest drawback is that some people believe that these cards would deprive people of their privacy and that for this reason, their disadvantages outweigh their advantages However, there are many who disagree with these contentions.

To Dershowitz--a self proclaimed civil libertarian--this tradeoff would be well worth it.

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According to Dershowitz, the national ID card would be only a little more intrusive than a photo ID card or social security card. SS10 Practice Quizzes. CC12 Practice Quizzes. Concession and Refutation Being able to acknowledge and disprove views that are counter to your thesis is one skill that sophisticated essayists must master. What are concession and refutation?

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While every essay needs to make an argument, at some point you need to acknowledge the other side. Acknowledging differing points of view on your topic is called concession.

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And often the victim has internalized some of the messages they have gotten, and feels that no one can help them. Example 2. E-cigarettes are just as harmful to bystanders' health as regular cigarettes are.

E-cigarette proponents claim that the electronic cigarettes are not toxic to others in the smokers' vicinity because it is just water vapor that is being expelled into the air. They emphasize the fact that there there is no tobacco or carbon monoxide being released. Even though this is true, what the proponents fail to mention is the other harmful elements that are in the smoke.

Glantz, from Prevention magazine, states, "…there are several carcinogens that have been identified so far, and we haven't identified everything that's in these formulas. Why risk the chance of harming others' health by allowing e-cigarettes in buildings? We should just ban all cigarettes, electronic or not, in order to ensure the safety of innocent bystanders.

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